The New Baby Moves In


This book has been created to help explain why things are different since the baby arrived.
The story explains to the child why new babies cry, that you now travel with a car seat for the baby and why sometimes they now have to wait their turn. The story re-assures the child they are loved and you are proud of them. You will love this book and talking together about how life has changed for the better since you’ve welcomed this new baby.

Discounts apply for Preschools, Schools, Organisations and Government Departments ordering 10 copies or more of this book.

1 – 2 books          $12.50 each + $6.95 Postage

2- 5 books        $12.50 each +$10.00 Postage

6-9 books               $12.50 each + 13.00 Postage

10 – 20 books      $8.00 each +   $17.00 Postage
21 + books           $8.00 each +   $25.00 postage

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