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Imagine if every child was at ease and ready to learn each morning. More settled as they are focused on learning and enjoying school, no longer worried about where they are being picked up from, or what they might do at recess break.

Imagine the questions our children might have about starting school? The anxieties?  The finer details they might be thinking over? As educators and as parents we want our children to achieve their full potential and enjoy each day at Preschool or School. The Colour My Story books are written to allow children talk about how they are feeling about Starting School and Preschool and ask questions they have while colouring in with their parents.

Some ideas of how the Starting Preschool  book could be used;

  • Given as a gift at the start of preschool
  • Added to the purchase list for parents as they enrol in Preschool
  • Used as a fundraiser or sold at the front desk of the preschool

Some ideas of how the Starting School book could be used;

  • Given as a gift at the start of School or in the transition & orientation program at your school
  • Added to the purchase list for parents as they enrol
  • Grade 6 kids could run a cake stall fundraiser with all profits going to welcoming our new children next year
  • Ask the P&F to fund it and on the back page stick your school logo and welcome from the P&F

The Trauma book “My Story” could be used

  • Used with a Teacher/ Principal/ School Counsellor parent to say “I can see you are having a tough time at the moment…. Are you okay”



Does your school, preschool or kindergarten need a fundraiser? Why not sell our books on your orientation night or in the uniform shop? We will work with your organisation to meet your needs and support the fundraiser. Your organisation will be invoiced for your books after the fundraiser. That means no risk to you. Simply return the books not sold and we invoice you for the balance. 1/3 of each book sold is profit for your organisation. Email for more information and to customise a fundraising kit for your school, preschool or kindergarten.

If you would like more information about our books or bulk ordering, print date & delivery for the 2018 Preschool & School Year intake please fill out the form below and Adelle would be happy to be in touch & assist you.

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