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How you can help – with Alex and Libby 

By Libby Dewberry
Alex and Libby
Did you know that there are approximately 105,237 people experiencing homelessness in Australia,
according to the 2011 Australian census? Most of our community, shockingly, does not know this.
Both myself and my brother believe that something should be done about this and that we need to
help the less fortunate as much as we can.
In 2015, my brother Alex and I started to make a difference. We came up with an idea of filling
backpacks with necessary needs for the homeless. The packs included everyday things that most of
us take for granted, such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes and deodorant. The first
year we made over 150 backpacks. Each one of those backpacks contained the resources needed
and a present. We believe that everyone should have a very merry Christmas and have the right to be happy, especially during the holidays when they need it most. Last year (2016) we tried our best to improve the amount of packs made. We totally smashed it making over 250 backpacks and including some handbags for women as well. We start collecting for these packs in October. During November and December every weekend is jam packed with sorting and creating the packs. It takes a lot of work, time and dedication but it is extremely worth it when we see the smiling faces of the people we are helping. This year we are handing out the bags at the Brisbane Motorcycle Street Feed on the 19th December. Alex and I both have faith in this quote from Luke 14:13-14 saying, “But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you. For you will be repaid at the resurrection of the just.” We want people to know that being homeless is not some kind of second class experience, these people are just like us and they have some amazing stories to tell that move hearts. As our Mum says, never judge a book by its cover.

How can our readers help?

You can contact and ask for details of where to items for Alex and Libby’s Christmas Appeal.

Can you tell us a story of one person that you helped?

A story that I will always remember is of a Mum, Dad and girl my age who had been living out of
their car for the last six months. I put together a teenage girl pack and she was so happy when she
opened it to find lip gloss, glitter body cream and other girly things inside. We also heard of a grandmother who looks after her grandson and attends street feed so they don’t go hungry. Alex and I went and bought heaps of cool little things for him for Christmas with our own pocket money. She cried happy tears and gave us both a big hug for making his Christmas special. Mum put some nice things together for her and we can only imagine how surprised she was on Christmas morning.
Alex and Libby 2


The first interview with the Shine For Girls team

By 11 year old Grace Pembroke

Interview  Grace.docx

Grace was doing a project at school about how girls are stereotyped in the media. She wrote to us at Shine For Girls and asked if she could interview us. We thought the interview was a great one and Grace has given us permission to share it with you all

Why did you decide to create a magazine that is different to other magazines for e.g. total girl or girlfriend that are aimed at younger girls?

We hope that young girls read our magazine and be brave. It is our aim that they invest energy into becoming the best version possible of their authentic selves. Coming first is great, being you is better.

What do you hope it will make young girls think after they read it?

We hope that after reading this magazine, young girls will see the world is made up of lots of girls with lots of different interests and all sorts of stories. We hope they see there is not one type of girl and they are inspired to give new things a go even if their friends aren’t doing it. We also hope we can show girls the value in celebrating and encouraging each other.

How and what do you hope to change by creating the magazine?

All three of us creators of Shine For Girls have daughters between 10 and 12. We found that there was a real lack of inspiring information for girls of this age group. We decided that we wanted to create a free online magazine for young girls that featured ‘everyday’ girls. Girls just like you, and just like our daughters. No airbrushing. No photoshoping. Just everyday girls doing everyday things and talking about deeper issues than hair and makeup.

How do you think the media influences the way young girls are stereotyped in the media?

We think the media is more focused on presenting fake images and playing on insecurities of people. That is how they sell products… making people believe they will have a happier life if they buy a certain type of car/watch/phone. At Shine For Girls we are mothers talking about how to make a young person healthy from the inside out.

Thank you Jo, Mel and Jo for answering the questions