Starting Preschool


Help your child create their very own story of starting day care or preschool. Use the book to find out how they are feeling. Colour in the pictures together, listen to their thoughts, and answer their questions, you will love having an insight into how they are feeling.

This is a great resource for families who have a child starting preschool. The book addresses all the important parts of the preschool day. The text helps explain what will happen, and colouring the pictures together helps reassure the child they are important and loved while providing a comfortable environment to talk about change.

Testimonial: “We had a tough first 2 weeks of Harriet starting preschool, she cried and was pulled from me each morning by the teacher. After receiving the book on Monday and reading and colouring it in that night, the next day Harriet was much calmer and waved goodbye to me.”

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