Which Cup?

Posted 23rd June 2017
Which Cup?

This weeks NOVEL way to connect with kids.

I asked my kids to choose a glass, place it on the bench all week and add water or pour water out depending on how they were feeling.

My question was the same as they woke up, after breakfast, before they walked out the door, when they came home, after homework, after dinner and before bed.

“How full is your cup?”

This was their reflections after 4 days

  • Filling another persons’ cup, fills my cup too.
  • What I say, can change the level of someone’s cup.
  • One thing can empty someone’s cup.
  • Even though I know how to fill another persons’ cup, sometimes it’s hard.

This was a cool activity to do with the kids, instead of talking about the effects of our words and actions, they actually saw it with the cups.

The things I learned this week

  • I realised I can’t fill my kids cups when my cup is empty.
  • Sometimes when my kids walk through the door after school, their cup is empty. Not that anything has gone wrong, they have just given so much to their day that they are done.
  • 5 minutes outside together was the quickest way for me to fill my kids cups to overflowing.

Give it a go, you don’t have to do it every day just try it for a few days and see what you learn.

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By Jo Crowley

Author and Creator

Colour My Story

About the Author

Jo Crowley
Jo Crowley is an Australian author, mother of four, and primary school teacher. Jo is the creator of “Colour My Story,” a series of books that use storytelling, colouring-in and conversation to help adults connect with children during change and difficult times.