Peace In Our Playground – Solving meanness and bullying in the playground


Product Description

PEACE In Our Playground

What is PEACE In Our Playground?

PEACE In Our Playground is a five step action based program changing playground culture in schools and creating safe playgrounds free of bullying and unkind behaviour.

How is this program different to other anti-bullying programs?

For the last 20 years we have studied, created programs and educated children about bullying and it has continued to escalate. PEACE in our Playground addresses 3 big issues that we still need to address in schools.

  1. How to make the playground FEEL safe for students.
  2. How to get children invested in changing the culture of their playground.
  3. How to support a child who is having playground issues and help them change their behaviour.

Feeling safe is critical to a functioning anti-bullying program. This program gives schools a new look playground by changing the physical appearance of your school play space to help identify playground issues.

Getting children invested in changing their behaviour is not an easy task but with this program students take ownership of what happens in their playground from the first lesson. PEACE In Our Playground teachers children why this new look playground is worth their time and effort and how taking responsibility for their words and actions leads to a safer environment for everyone to play.

Finding the time and the right words to connect with children who are having issues in the playground can be difficult in a school environment. With this program we offer resources schools can pick up and use when working with children one-on-one on what is happening in the playground. Our resources and our program are all about giving children who are having issues in the playground the support they need.

What do you receive in this program?

  • This easy to implement 5 step program and how to use it.
  • An exciting way to get children invested in changing their playground.
  • A new system so you know what is happening in your playground as it happens.
  • All the equipment and resources to make the program a success.
  • Practical resources to use with children who need extra support in the playground.

How long does it take to implement this program?

The program comes in 6 small lessons and can be taught once a week or all in 1 week.



The price of this whole program and all the resources is $1500 + GST which includes all resources and on-going support.

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For more information

If you would like some more information on this program and how it work CLICK HERE. We will email you the details of the program and how easy it is to implement and change the look and feel of your playground.