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My Story


Have you had an experience where it feels like something is not right with a child and you want to say, “I’m concerned about you and we are here to help?” It might be highlighted by moments of anger or rage, a child not wanting to go to school, a real long lasting sadness, a regression in their development.

My Story has been written for children in out-of-home-care, for children who are dealing with bullying, children who are going through family separation, children who have lost someone close to them or children feeling lost and misunderstood.

The book is a colouring story with talking prompts, that encourages an adult and child to colour-in together while the child talks and tells their story.

This is a great tool for adults wanting to connect with a child that is going through a tough time and show they care.

Birthday Special for the month of March books are $6.00 +PH

Postage and Handling

1-2 books =$6.95

2-5 books =10.00

6-9 books =$13.00

10-21 books =$17.00

21- 100 books =$25.00

100+ books please contact us for a quote



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